Dear Member, Customer, supporter

The time has come to update you with developments here at Clevedon Brewery.
We took over the running of the brewery in August 2019 and in the two and a half years since
we have continued to trade despite experiencing an unprecedented pandemic and rising costs.
We undertook a rebranding exercise and have reordered the tap bar. The business is now in a
stronger position than it was when we took over and we have created a strong customer base
of loyal community members and some local commercial sales outlets.
This has only been possible due to the hard work and unpaid hours put in by the Directors and
other volunteers, especially after the retirement of Adrian at the end of 2020.
As most of you know Al and Julie are moving on this Summer to pastures new “up north” and
we wish them well in this new chapter of their lives.
Their departure will leave a massive gap in the organization of the brewery and there is
therefore a necessity for a number of new people to commit time and/or money to ensure the
continued success of the brewery. Assistance is required in ALL areas of the life of the brewery,
in particular running the tap bar and all aspects of the brewing and bottling process, as well as
deliveries, markets, marketing, IT and administration. There is also an opportunity for financial
The exact nature of the opportunities available will depend on the level of commitment that
people are prepared to make in the continued running of the business, and the remaining
owners will provide assistance and facilitate training as necessary.
If there is insufficient interest in making a commitment to the ongoing life of the brewery then
the brewery will be unable to continue in its present form and the Directors will have no option
than to sell or close the business.
We are therefore asking you to register your interest and let us know what you feel you can
bring to the brewery. Please contact Les by email or by phone at
the brewery 07907 583415 by the end of April or if you have any questions or wish to discuss
this with us please speak to us in the tap bar when we are around.
Les, John, Hayden, Julie and Al